Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girls Virgina Pic What Are The Two Holes In A Girls Virgina?

What are the two holes in a girls virgina? - girls virgina pic

You mean vagina? The vagina is a hole and a hole in the vagina and the cervix. If you speak holes hidden by the vulva (labia majora), is a vagina and urethra (pee hole and manufacturer of baby). For questions about the holes you see in a porn movie is the vagina and anus.


bud88cyn... said...

It is and it is located in West Virginia, Viginia ..

How old are you? Three?
Get a Clue

Simplyst... said...

a single opening of the vagina

§♫♪‹(•¿•... said...

One is the pee hole. The vagina is about loot.

Mana said...

Hole to pee on a hole you have sex in yay

PLuG said...

If you have a vagina, then yes means there are 2 holes. 1 love in the urine and the others.

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